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Andy hello- I am writing to THANK you and your awesome staff!!!! My son Derrick Bethea who has a IEP who will be starting first grade this September has showed more improvement by attending your camp then he has in his 3 years of schooling thus far!!! The level of maturity; social; integrity; independence skills he has learned in just two weeks of camp is beyond anything I imagined him learning in just a short time I must add. I recommend anyone and everyone to try your camp they would never be disappointed!!! The level of excitement Derrick comes home with the new friends the best quotes “don’t judge” “face your fears” …My son knows how to swim in just two weeks how amazing!!! I am truly grateful and thankful for the opportunity and sponsors who gave my son the opportunity to experience the best of the best!!!!

“I just wanted to thank you, the board and your staff for allowing Kennedy to have “The Best Summer Ever”! Her four weeks at Liberty Lake has created a deeper impact than I ever expected. My child was challenged and met those challenges head on with the guidance of your staff. I was almost in tears when she told me about taking the deep end test and how she almost gave up but kept going as her peers cheered her on. You have created a great environment for children to flourish and I am grateful that my daughter was able to experience, enjoy and grow from it. Then may I add that you allowed me to experience camp by inviting family and friends of the campers to the Family Night. I had the time of my life and I’m so glad I was able to share that moment with my daughter. She took such pride in showing me the adventures she participated in each day. Side note: I conquered my fear of heights by getting on the Big Swing! ”

“Kennedy makes references to camp often and whenever she has the opportunity she shares her story of “the deep end test”. We both look forward to the new adventures that will take place next summer. Thank you again Andy!”

“Dear Andy,

Thank you for letting me go to camp for an extra two weeks.  Your camp is so much fun.  I love all the electives, they’re so much fun!  I loved your camp from the first time I came and now I have made so many good friends and have developed so many memories.  You are a sweet and caring person and I admire that.  As you know my situation my family struggled to pay this money to you but I am very happy and grateful to be going to this camp.  I will now have something to do all summer and I’ll definitely have lots of fun.  I am so grateful to be going to this camp because I know that many people in the world cannot afford things like this.  I am being given an amazing opportunity to attend this camp all summer.  I am so excited to be going. Every night I check the website to see how many days until camp.  Right at this moment it is 89 days until camp.  I cant wait <3!! Thank you again for making my summer the best one.

PS I will definitely be working for you!



“Dear Donators of Liberty Lake Day Camp,

Thank you for giving me a scholarship to Liberty Lake Day Camp.  Without this scholarship I don’t know what I would have done this past summer.  First off, I wanted to say I had a great time at this camp and I appreciate all you have done for me to get into this awesome camp. Why did you pick me instead of any other kid?  What do I have different from any other kid?  I sure am glad you chose me.

If you did not give me a scholarship to this camp I would probably be sitting in the house watching TV and playing video games all day and all night.  Instead I had fun every single day of summer, made new friends, and did almost everything I was hoping to this summer.

Giving me this scholarship helped me make some good friends and I hope to be back next year.  I met people from having the same electives and they realized I was really athletic and people wanted to talk to me and that’s how I made friends and started talking to people.  Again thanks for all you have done.

This scholarship really gave me good opportunities to do a lot of things I have never done before in my life.  I had so much fun rock climbing, playing football, basketball, and dodgeball.  I would have never got this experience if you did not give me a scholarship.  I hope I get another scholarship next year to this camp.  I had lots of fun times there.  Thank You”

“Dear Camp Donors,

Thank you so much for giving me money for camp this summer.  It was worth it.  This summer was so much fun!  I met so many cool people and made a lot of friends and its mostly because of the money you gave me for the summer.  Without the help of your donating company I would have not done anything all summer.

During my time at camp I was part of the LIT program which worked with campers of all ages.  I just want to say it was worth it, not just on my part but on the campers part as well.  I gave them the summer of their lives and they gave me mine.  I will always remember this experience and it is all because of you guys.  You also helped members of my family and they all had good times and made great memories.

You also gave me a chance at a job working at Liberty Lake next summer.  They liked me and now want to hire me.  If it was not for you they would have never met me and I would just have been another application in the pile.  I just honestly cannot be anymore happy for the things you do for people and I am very grateful.”

“Dear Andy,

Although summer ended some time ago I wanted to express my deep gratitude for you offering a “campership” opportunity to my little sister.  I hope you know she thoroughly enjoyed her time at Liberty Lake.  Even now she will tell me a new story of something fun she did at camp.

Like I had hoped, my sisters experience at Liberty lake showed her that there are many ways to have fun outdoors.  Her only previous experience of camp was an indoor day care operation where she spent her last 2 summers indoors.  I was overjoyed that you allowed her to have some real summertime fun this year and I cannot thank you enough for your generosity.”

“Dear Andy,

Thank you so much for letting me and my brother come to camp for two weeks this summer!  I had a great time, tried new things, and met new friends!  While at camp I enjoyed getting greeted by excited counselors.  This made me even more happy to start camp every day.  My favorite elective was Glee Club because I love singing and I signed up for the show as soon as I saw it.  We all grew so close while singing our favorite songs.  It was so nice to see people who had a passion for singing just like me!  I loved my fencing class and Mr. John was so funny while teaching us the basics.  Lunch was always very good too.  I also loved group choice and enjoyed playing games with my group.  My favorite memory from camp was my last Friday when I got to go on stage and sing the Liberty lake song.  I looked around and teared up thinking about the beginning of summer when I was so nervous about camp.”

“Dear Andy,

Thank you for letting me come to your amazing camp this summer.  I had the best two weeks of summer at Liberty Lake.  LLDC is the place to be!!  I really miss camp and you.  You are an amazing person and extremely kind.  My favorite part of camp was campa-pa-looza but I loved every part of camp.  I will always keep my treasured memories of Liberty Lake in my heart.”

“Liberty Lake,

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Liberty Lake Day Camp for their over generous gift to our son.  He had the time of his life.  Everyday he came home ecstatic, full of fun, exciting stories and totally exhausted.  When I asked him each day what his favorite part of the day was he would always say “everything was my favorite”.  The choice of electives was awesome and he had such a hard time picking his favorites each week.  My son wants to come back year after year so thank you for this wonderful experience.   Liberty Lake and its staff were professional, friendly, positive, and caring.  As a mother, I could not ask for more.  Thank you again and again!”